Details of Founder / Promoter Profile Snapshot – Thyagarajan Seshadri
MBA ( I class ) with PG Diploma in Int’l Trade Management, PG Diploma in Marketing Management
25+ Yrs of Experience combining sales, Marketing, Project implementation and Delivery, Client relationship, Concept selling and Strategic Evangelist
An independent, result – oriented go-getter
A Trend setter throughout the career
An avid risk taker and successful entrepreneur
Concept to Execution – paving way for White Label ATMs in India
Have worked with ATM doyens in the Industry in India
Rich experience having worked closely with ATM Outsourcing Guru
Known in the retail and online Payments systems Industry
Travelled widely in India, Bhutan and UAE
Career started as a CP/M based computer operator, data entry operator and moved to handling sales of computers, Real time systems
Having gained reasonable experience, in the subsequent decade ventured into floating company and taking challenges and converting opportunities into viable Businesses
The next decade saw me taking challenges in retail Technology Banking, SST
Have rich experience working with MNC, reputed VC funded companies
Rich experience having worked with Regulators and Policy makers
Sr. Manager – Marketing for a USA MNC, a Global Leader in SST (ATM ) systems and solutions, handling All India marketing, pre and post sales support, Technical and Commercial proposals, payment realisations, New product market entry, Special Projects
Introduced innovative, pioneering concepts yet proven indigenous systems to customers
Computer based Rotary Kiln Automation System for a White Cement Mfg Company in the year 1995
Rotation Angle Convertor system for a Blast Furnace of a Steel Plant
Modernisation of Sulphuric Acid Plant as per Customer’s Technical Consultants
Conceived and Implemented hot Standby Sand Riffler System as per Customer’s International Principals specifications
Conceived and Implemented Energy Conservation/Saving System for Mercury Cell based Electrolytic Process for Caustic Soda-Chlor Alkali plant
Conceived and Implemented Computer based Sewage Automation System for a GOVT. utility operator
Presently, implementing EFT Switch for ATM, POS for Coop Banks
Introduced innovative, pioneering concepts yet proven indigenous solutions to customers:
Introduction of Laptop PRODIGY in the Year 1989-90 for the first time in India with Australian JV at Best & Crompton
Implemented an indigenous hot Standby Sand Riffler System for a Bagasse based Paper Plant in the year 1996
Implemented an indigenous Energy conservation System for a Chlor Alkali Plant, saving several lakhs (Millions) of rupees for the customer in the year 1996-97
A first of a kind -Computer based Sewage Automation System for a Govt. agency incorporating state of the art technology, funded by World Bank year 1998-99
Introduced breakaway turnkey based solutions working with a MNC for implementing ATM deployments for Indian Banks in the year 2001-04:
» Part of First ATM Outsourcing deal in India working with Diebold for Bank of India, UTI ( Axis ) Bank, etc
» Part of the Winning Team of ATM and related service offerings; Win-Win solutions through strategic partnerships;
» Not disqualified in any single Tender
» Only Marketing resource person for the entire Indian operations; India Marketing Resource for JV partners
Technical Consultant to eFunds International (now FIS ); Company went for LBO, entering Indian market year 2004
Introduced SPNS working with a leading Bank with Regulatory Approval for Coop Banks
Introduced New Business Models like Managed Services for ATM; CBS on ASP, a Transaction based ATM Outsourcing Business Model
A one of a kind concept - Transaction based ATM Outsourcing Deal from premier Bank in India
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